Our Journey

Shane Blatch is a young Aussie bloke that had a vision (some would say a dream) to design & create ultra niche line of lift wear & and streetwear clothing. 
Shane has been a long time sufferer of anxiety and depression, earlier in 2020 in a bid to assist his mental health, Shane rejoined a gym and became consistent in his attendance. He began eating better and looking after himself, (#selfcare) not only did he see the change in his mental state, but also physically. It was here that the push came to really revisit his Vision of launching his own business. 
Amidst the chaos of Covid 19 and being made redundant, Shane & Alana decided to take a chance on Shane's Vision. 

As with most successful businesses, there's always a super supportive woman 
in the background, enter Alana Blatch, a gifted & smart wife that has backed Shane's vision from Day 1.
Late nights of designing apparel, lots of coffee and sleepless nights resulted in a premium brand that Shane & Alana have officially launched in Australia, initially on social platforms, and with demand so high, and responding to Inbox enquiries 24/7, the next step was a full online store to offer their clients. 
Now offering a complete line of on trend Gym Wear, Lift Wear & Street Apparel, they truly have it all.
You can continue to watch Send it Lift Wear's journey unfold on Instagram